The members of Delta Sigma Phi pride themselves on their strong brotherhood. We believe that we consistently recruit the best human beings on campus due to our incredible brotherly bond. We host weekly events exclusively for members including poker nights, restaurant trips around the city, karaoke nights in Korea Town, outdoor barbecues, and even on field access at New York Jets games. We also host a brotherhood retreat once a semester where the brotherhood travels out of the city for the weekend to grow as friends and as a fraternity. 

The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi strive to stress the importance of good grades. We believe that a student at Columbia University should place his highest priority on achieving good grades for both himself and his future. Brothers are encouraged to study together and help each other understand their work. Senior brothers also frequently give advice on classes and teachers to aid underclassmen in the selection of the best classes for their respective majors.

Our incredibly active alumni base add another element to our already thriving brotherhood. Given the fact that we are based in New York City we have unbelievable networking opportunities, job search support and advice, and general bonding with our alumni. We host a variety of events with them throughout the year and there is an annual alumni breakfast at our brownstone before homecoming.